Land & Property Acquisition


SGT has an on-going requirement for land or property suitable for development throughout London and the South East of England.

If you think you may have a potential development site please do contact us for a no-obligation chat. Our land acquisition team will quickly be able to assess the suitability and potential value of a site and we will consider purchases either subject to planning or unconditionally.

Our architects design schemes that look to maximise the value of a site whilst retaining and enhancing local character.


Sites considered:

  • Individual houses with large gardens
  • Land assembly including multiple garden schemes of existing properties.
  • Existing residential or commercial buildings which have fallen into disrepair.
  • Commercial properties that could be considered for change of use to residential.

Give us a call

Please get in touch if you have a site you would like us to consider.

Email us: / Ring us: 0207 371 0350